How to manifest your dreams.

Well, manifesting things in your life can a great way of pursuing what you want.  A great way forward is to:

1.  Think about what your really want.

2.  Think, feel and imagine what life would be with that thing in your life.

3.  Now this is the hard part, totally believe it is going to happen!.

4.  Now show total gratification.  Say out aloud how grateful you are for the thing you are
     manifesting to be in your life.

It's as easy as that, 1, 2, 3, 4!  Now you can go away and say it to yourself, always giving thanks for what your are manifesting and write it down. 

Journaling is a great way of helping you manifest what you would like.  Get yourself a special book that you can use to keep all your dreams and ideas in.  This can be a note book or a small book that you can write in.  

Then allow yourself to write away.  Notes, ideas anything that you can and want to put down in writing.  Then give thanks for your dreams and if you want to allow yourself to decorate the book or doddle. 

So have fun with this and start with small things that you would like to come into your life, like a new book, some information you were looking for or a gift.  Then slowly work on the other areas in your life, a new car, a new job the sky's the limit.

Have fun!


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