Critical Thinking

A lion never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep!!

Image result for a lion doesn't worry about the opinion of sheep originThis was the wonderful quote sent to me by my dear friend, when I was caught up among people spreading incorrect statements about me. It is something that I now remind my self when I come to the point to ask 'why?'. It has also reminded me of how both of us have progressed with the challenges along the way and succeeded with our goals. You could say some of it is sheer determination, but we both are able to look at a situation and critically think about it. Some times this brings in emotion which you can acknowledge and work through and then allow yourself to look at the different aspects of the situation. 

As a coach we come across a lot of different challenges and I think it can come to the fore most, when the people you have been helping do everything they can and still the outcome is not all ways what you were trying to achieve. It is the hardest thing when you have supported, guided, developed and helped someone achieve and something which you have no control over puts 'a spanner in the works'. All the planning, preparation, checking  and double checking can still not stop the hand of fate walking in and taking over.

The best result is when the person you are working with can see that it is better that all parties concerned 'live to fight another day' than the plan work out.  I feel this is where the training has paid off and you can take the dream forward and build on it.  As a coach you can still be left wondering what else you could do? Where could you have put another measure that could have made the whole situation play out? But, sometimes things aren't meant to be at that time and you will go on to complete your challenge another day and it will be what was meant to be.

Being able to cope with challenges and changes in the original plan comes from allowing yourself to understand the art of critical thinking. If an athlete, client or friend has understood what has happened and how they can take the positive out of the situation then they have being thinking in a way that has allowed them to make good decisions.

Facione,  2007 states, teach people to make good decisions and you equip them to improve their own futures and become contributing members of society, rather than burdens on society.  Becoming educated and practicing good judgement does not absolutely guarantee a life of happiness, virtue, or economic success, but is surely offers a better chance at those things. It is clearly better than enduring the consequences of making bad decisions and better than burdening friends, family, and all the rest of us with the unwanted and avoidable consequences of those poor choices. 

Then a person is faced with a loss or a cross roads in their path of their dream, it is better to take the positive, critique what happened and work forward out of the situation and pick up what is needed and work to achieve the goal again. There can be a period of adjustment and a lot of emotion will be involved, but to come out the other side and be pragmatic about what has happened and look forward to what you can achieve allows you to build a positive outlook. 


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