What is your perspective?

The question of perspective.

A powerful tool that we can use on a daily basis is the power of questions.
Questions determine the focus of our perception, as well as the amount of success, love, fear, anger, joy or wonder that we experience.
Sometimes we get suck as we keep asking ourselves negative questions. Questions like 'why can't I do this?' This question assumes that a) there is something to be done and b) you can't do it.
So your mind keeps searching for reasons why you can't do this.
So instead ask 'How can I most easily make this work?' This tells your mind 'how easily can I make this work? Also that there are a number of ways to make this work. Also, it can easily be done. These assumptions act as a directional compass and your mind then searches for how to make things work.
1. Questions direct your focus 2. You always get more of what you focus on in life. 3. Make inner questions empowering. 4. Make the transition to positive questions.
If you h…

Self-image for Success!

How to Reprogram your self-image for Success!  Allow yourself time in the day to do the following: Find somewhere quiet in your busy day.

1. Sit down quietly and in a comfortable chair and breathe deeply.  As you relax, allow your imagination to to come into play.
2.  Imagine another you standing in front of you.  The most brilliant you that you can - this needs to be your true authentic self.
3. Now, you need to take a moment to be truly happy with your authentic self.  Look at the way the authentic you stands, how you breath, your smile, how you walk and talk.  See how the authentic you speaks to others and notice how the authentic you handles problems and goes for your goals.
4.  Now, you are going to step into the synthesize with your authentic self.  See through the eyes of your authentic self, hear through the ears of your authentic self, and feel how it feels so good to live life as your authentic self!
5.  You are going to finish this programming session by taking a minute to…

The Motivational Switch Exercise.

So, it’s winter! We need a helping hand with the next 200 sleeps until spring, so that we can get going to spring and the better weather and longer days. Coaches can be a very motivated bunch of people, but we sometimes need a hand and some of our clients/students/athletes need a hand!
I have an exercise that can help you and get you set into the awesome power of momentum in you coaching life and your life full stop. With this exercise you will be able to get going and achieve more that you could before as you will be in charge of your you motivation. It is always good to read through this exercise before you attempt it and get yourself going. 1. You need something that you would like to be really motivated to do. Now, remember when you felt really, really motivated in the past - a time where you took positive action when doing something and it made a difference in your life.  2. You need to fully return to it now - this means that you see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel …

Working with riders and chronic pain conditions.

When we work with our clients and/or students we get to know their ways, habits and fitness.  Working with all levels of clients, it is most likely that any coach will at some point come across clients with different aliments or conditions.
Riding can help a lot of different conditions and riders get freedom when they ride.  Lots of rider can have arthritis, lupus, behcets or MS and many other ailments.  It is necessary to watch your rider's energy and ability to move.  
You can still manage to have a complete coaching session, but here are some ideas that you can work with to maintain the fitness and training:
Make sure you are aware of how they are feeling before you start the session.  You do not need to use a direct comment, but asking how their week has been and decoding the different answers you get will help you know how their emotional level is at this point.Having opened the discussion, it is a good idea to ask how their pain level is and think about the different goals you …

Four Tips to help you decode your client's state of mind.

How often do we arrive and our clients are not in the mood or state of mine we thought they might be?  I have had it happen many, many times and I have had to take a different course of action than that I expected.

Deci & Ryan (2000), Self-Determination Theory has identified that when a client can work with autonomy, competency and relatedness, they can develop a self-determination and keep working between sessions and develop their ability.  
Looking at how we relate to our clients and how we can understand what is going on in their lives, lets us use relatedness to help develop their skill set.  So, I have found that it is a good idea to find out what they are feeling when you start your session. 
So it can depends on the day of the week it is, what they do in their job and what has happen in their home life.  As a coach, their coach we develop a relationship that is a close bond, as we are there to help them develop their riding and their way of thinking.
Here are some things t…

The Mindful Coach

The Mindful Coach.

To find peace in a frantic world.

As a coach we spend a great deal of time reflecting on our practice, dealing with the social world that comes with the territory.  Looking to the mentoring of our athletes/riders and keeping an eye on all to the different areas that need working on to keep our clients/students working towards their achievements or goals.
Having lost two colleagues this year that I have worked with at some time in the past, it has brought to the fore font of our equestrian world that mental health is important as our physical health if we are to go on and survive in our positions. The coach has a lot of different 'hats' to wear and we also have to stay visible within our niche to maintain the chance to stay solvent and also if all possible keep a happy family life and business to succeed or to show that we can succeed.  
Sometimes we forget to look after ourselves, we are so busy looking to our clients and students we forget about us.  We need…

How to manifest your dreams.


Well, manifesting things in your life can a great way of pursuing what you want.  A great way forward is to:
1.  Think about what your really want.
2.  Think, feel and imagine what life would be with that thing in your life.
3.  Now this is the hard part, totally believe it is going to happen!.
4.  Now show total gratification.  Say out aloud how grateful you are for the thing you are      manifesting to be in your life.
It's as easy as that, 1, 2, 3, 4!  Now you can go away and say it to yourself, always giving thanks for what your are manifesting and write it down. 
Journaling is a great way of helping you manifest what you would like.  Get yourself a special book that you can use to keep all your dreams and ideas in.  This can be a note book or a small book that you can write in.  
Then allow yourself to write away.  Notes, ideas anything that you can and want to put down in writing.  Then give thanks for your dreams and if you want to allow yourself to …