How to manifest your dreams.


Well, manifesting things in your life can a great way of pursuing what you want.  A great way forward is to:
1.  Think about what your really want.
2.  Think, feel and imagine what life would be with that thing in your life.
3.  Now this is the hard part, totally believe it is going to happen!.
4.  Now show total gratification.  Say out aloud how grateful you are for the thing you are      manifesting to be in your life.
It's as easy as that, 1, 2, 3, 4!  Now you can go away and say it to yourself, always giving thanks for what your are manifesting and write it down. 
Journaling is a great way of helping you manifest what you would like.  Get yourself a special book that you can use to keep all your dreams and ideas in.  This can be a note book or a small book that you can write in.  
Then allow yourself to write away.  Notes, ideas anything that you can and want to put down in writing.  Then give thanks for your dreams and if you want to allow yourself to …

Critical Thinking

A lion never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep!!
This was the wonderful quote sent to me by my dear friend, when I was caught up among people spreading incorrect statements about me. It is something that I now remind my self when I come to the point to ask 'why?'. It has also reminded me of how both of us have progressed with the challenges along the way and succeeded with our goals. You could say some of it is sheer determination, but we both are able to look at a situation and critically think about it. Some times this brings in emotion which you can acknowledge and work through and then allow yourself to look at the different aspects of the situation. 
As a coach we come across a lot of different challenges and I think it can come to the fore most, when the people you have been helping do everything they can and still the outcome is not all ways what you were trying to achieve. It is the hardest thing when you have supported, guided, developed and helped someone achieve…